Happy new year!!

It will take me a month of 201314 ....  But we'll get through it.

This past year was full of great trials, great happinessnesses and great change. I played with friends, cried with my boyfriend and moved.

Im just going to ramble for a moment.... a Log, not in order, of memories from this full year:

I lost my baby of 19 years in febuary; RIP Tiger I still cry and miss you.
Animaratimes rocked, I hope to get to it again this year
Drives with Kristen and chubby nights
D&D on wednesdays full of laughs and.... well fails for me.... so laughs really....and Harn/vampire on sundays.
Halcon! Consisting of meeting Vic Minyanyanya, and kaylee from firefly
Getting stopped every 5ft for pictures as Peach and Daisy (every 10ft when I was alone)
Cosplaying last unicorn's Molly with peeps
Anoween in general, gonna miss it.... and the picnic/ other events
Larping in general, creating my have characters in Havoc (and her lover Iggy) and Canis...
Dancing at 418: looking for fights/police cars afterward and MCD's always
SEVEN years with Jeff
Becoming closer with old friends and New
Anime days with Craig
sleepovers with the cormiers and playing with Emm~
getaway time with Mikey and seafin too
Moving to alberta: packin up all my shite and throwing out SO much
Spending time and growin my love fer LUNA~
Simple things with Jeff like curling up and watching TV to special date nights..... Miss you
Avalon gathering with Todd Deb alexander and ben! bellydancing making new friends(aaron) and becomin closer to older ones
Camping/kayaking with Alex collishaw and da puppy
werking at petro... quittin petro and werkin at sykes... quittin sykes.... GAH! >.<
dinners with Nan
coffee Wendys with Dan
kennys w/jayce... even if he was usually on da phone ;P
Movies with Janna
Driknking with kyle : Say goodnight kwyle
Video games with Katelyn


Sorry if I love you abd didnt name u by name I still love u i am tired a bit drunk and am just sayong ramdomness.... <3


Being on Tumblr I realized....

I want a New season of:

walking dead


sherlock(2 days)

Game of thrones

Legend of Korra

and more.....

Not that Im behind in:


Once upon a time (just started)

One piece(SO MUCH OF IT)

AND so many more....

Plus the Shows that ARE going on now that I dont have time to watch.....

And Im suppose to find time to work, draw more, exercise and get fit..... GREATTT......


Day, worked.... etc....

Today at work a guy asked me out, well he gave me his business card and added his cell number and said "keep in touch, you're a guest here and you should be treated right and pampered."  I was super blushing, he was pretty cute....LOL
   All well, on that note it was Jeff and I's 7 year anniversary yesterday and we skyped for a bit.... I miss him so much.

Hangin out with Kate now, playin the 'should probs go to bed game', it's great hangin with here and living here.... or it will be once we get our own place. Ive been stressed to the brink of crying everyday lately, missing home cause of Xmas season and such, plus Luna's in heat and Im stressed over her disturbing people in the house... esp since Kates mom keeps telling me I hav to get rid of her and I have no where for her to go... Im not giving her up; Kates been really supportive though. Shes hateful to live with (mom) she complaines about everything, nothings ever good enough and its SUPER ...I dont even have a word for how much it sucks. I never see the other three 'kids' that live here... and Dad's great.

I cant wait to get our own place...


Welcome BAACK~

Welcome back to me!

i recently moved to Alberta to find work, Im having fun living with a friend whom has internet! There's not much to do here, so I want to get back into Lj-ing. LoL  I'm still pretty bad at writing, and don't have much to say... but hopefully I get better as I go.

I started fresh on here and also started to post in a couple of community's that have sort of died off... so hopefully they breathe again with life or I will start new ones. XD

Anywho.... HI~